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How to pack a lightweight backpack

When your bag is packed up efficiently...’re ready for a fantastic day on the trail.
If you’re an outdoorsman, you know that the way you pack for your adventure is critical to the safety and enjoyment of your trip.
Packing your bag poorly can be uncomfortable (if not downright painful). You'll also find that a poorly packed bag will lead to lots of wasted time.
So, today we’re showing you how to get your essentials packed in an efficient and comfortable way for any kind of adventure...
...this is “How to Pack a Lightweight Backpack”:
After watching the video above, there's no doubt you’ll be able to pack up all your gear quickly and logically.
(Plus, you’ll rarely have to pull an item from the bottom of your bag.)
So make sure to give this video a close watch, {{ first_name|capfirst|default:'pal' }}. There’s some advice here that even the most advanced outdoorsman can benefit from.

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